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At KYOR, we uphold a simple yet powerful belief in every facet of our lives: "Can we have the best of everything, all at once?"

In our unrelenting pursuit of looking and feeling our absolute best, we set out to create a solution that would combat the wear and tear of our demanding routines and the relentless passage of time.

We wanted to empower ourselves to radiate brighter with each passing day.

This vision gave birth to our inaugural product, OUTGLOW.

The creation of OUTGLOW was a meticulous journey.

We embarked on comprehensive market research, experimented with numerous leading products, sought guidance from esteemed dermatologists in Korea, and ventured into countless manufacturing facilities.

If you're familiar with the unwavering commitment of a 'Tiger Mom,' you'll understand the lengths we went to ensure that our creation was nothing short of the very best.

Our ambition was clear: OUTGLOW would replace the cumbersome powdered collagen, the multitude of cell-regenerative pills, and the daily skincare supplements we had been using.

But we didn't stop there. We posed the question: "Why not merge them all into a convenient, delectable jelly treat that also tantalizes the taste buds?"

After nine intense months of formulation, rigorous lab testing, and meticulous taste testing, OUTGLOW finally came to life.